The Hopecast with Rachael Flick

Stories of Resilience

In February of 2018, Rachael’s husband Micah was murdered in the line of duty. Micah was shot while protecting fellow police officers and citizens who came under fire during the arrest of a car thief. Micah left Rachael, and their seven year old twins, behind in his act of heroism. Devastated by the death of the future she and Micah had dreamed of together, Rachael nevertheless refused to succumb to her circumstances. As a champion of hope, she began to apply practical skills to grieve well and grow through the painful, traumatic experiences. In The Hopecast, Rachael and her guests will share their stories on their journeys of resilience. These stories will motivate and encourage you with clarity, direction and healing. Listen and meet the people who have been empowered by hope. Come and learn the skills to face your past and prepare for your wholehearted future.

The Hopecast

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Rachael Flick