Dear Micah, Happy Father’s Day! You’d be amazed at how the twins are growing.
Eliana doesn’t even hesitate to throw herself off the high dive into a full layout.
Levi runs for the pure joy of it, legs in full swing, a perfect mirror of your roadrunner stride.
I think of you often here at summer camp, a place you would have loved. I watch the kids run off the dock, throwing themselves into the lake, competing for the biggest splash and I see you in my mind’s eye. You’d be right there beside them. Showing off your infamous can-opener and cannon ball. I’d give you a 9+ for your splash as I wiped water out of my eyes. We’d laugh and the twins’ eyes would glint with competition as they climbed back out of the lake for another try. I smile as I think of you, fair and freckled, feverishly covering yourself in 100 spf sunscreen for the third time in an hour. As the day grew long, you’d be thinking about dinner, something hearty. My mind drifts to the memory of the sound of your breath while you slept, the cabin full of tired, happy, sun kissed bodies. All clean and tucked into bed, dreaming about tomorrow’s adventures.
You weren’t here for this Father’s Day. But I lived it right beside you nevertheless. Those who love and honor you always say, #NeverForget but I don’t need to be reminded. Because you’re right here. Your love a fire brand on my heart. We’ll love you forever, babe. We’ll never forget.
We miss you,
♥️– the twins & Me.
Image credit: Megan Hardre Photography
Rachael Flick