We’ve always been friends. Organic samples. Skylights in your box stores. Your CEO pays himself far less than most people in his position.

When I was drowning in despair, I sent friends with my membership to buy food for the twins’ school lunches. When I could barely breathe from grief, I trudged through your aisles for clean freezer food to care for three broken hearts. Heavy from loss, I fought to carry in your bags of dog food so I could do it less often.

97 times I’ve sung your praises to someone asking why Costco? and not your competitors. When COVID hit, I always told people your shelves were well stocked. When it was back – you had toilet paper!

Now we’re navigating a “new normal.” And my family of three can’t come. “Only two people per membership.” For COVID. For social distancing. For the elderly and the immune compromised. For the safety of others.

My husband gave his life for what is true. What is right. Micah died for his beautiful country – the safety of the elderly and the ill. My husband gave his life for FREEDOM.

In your fight for our beautiful nation. For our world. Don’t forget what we’re fighting for.

America is fresh air and clean food. America is CEO’s who care more about their employees than themselves. America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. If their widows and their orphans can’t walk your aisles, six feet apart, what are the people like my husband fighting and dying for?

Costco, Corporate America, don’t forget us, don’t stop fighting for us. Include us in this new normal: the Heroes, and their widows and their orphans. Remember us and we’ll keep fighting for you.

Image credit: Nadav Soroker Photography

Rachael Flick