Grief is: “a year ago today”

A year ago today, we were celebrating Micah’s last Thanksgiving. Family, friends, good food, littles yelling through the house, unintentioned turkey naps in wing backed chairs. You know, the best of this American holiday we honor through football and loads of food.

And Micah loved and laughed and ate with the best of them. ❤ Last year, today, we didn’t know it was our last Thanksgiving as a family of four. We didn’t know it was the last time we’d accidentally both buy the same black Friday special. Last year we didn’t know it was the last Thanksgiving Micah would toss the football with Levi and then sit, too full of mashed potatoes, in front of the TV.

Grief is reminiscing about details we usually take for granted. Being greeted by sights and smells that normally bring happiness but now bring heavy hearted yearning. At least with calendar Holidays, you anticipate the pain filled waves (as opposed to the sneaky grief attacks). But today, as we walk through this space without our husband, daddy, son, brother, friend who loved the good food and friendship inherent in this day, we are acutely aware of his open seat at the table.

To all who are pressing through this day, whether for the first or 20th year, fervently wishing that your husband, wife, brother, sister, son, daughter, father, mother, friend was filling their plate full of stuffing and cranberries- I see you. I ache with you. Until heaven.
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Rachael Flick